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Game modifications for using haptic instead of visual senses

jantharJanThar 09/30/2019 at 08:510 Comments

Another interestign approch are 1D-games, which can be played on a led strip. Examples are the 1D dungeaon crawler, pong versions, racing gameeven a two player combat game. Since the output space is reduced, it makes them also more feasible to be used with less controls, therefore our few buttons which can be used with the head are enough (and we have as additional benefit nice demos for them for maker faires :). But that gives another interesting idea: we can also use a single row vibration belt as game field, going away from our overkill HaptiVest to the more common and easier to built 1D navigation belts. Another interesting approach would be (going away form the limitations of the vibration motor things) using a braille line for this type of games. Of course, the player wouldn't have complete overview over the game area and needs to scan the line with the fingertips, but giving a more precise and informative overview over the game area. E.g. the start of the braille line is the player position, and scanning the line would be the search for upcoming obstacles (dungeon), the ball (pong) or the street layput (racing game), to react at the right time.