Its totally alive!

A project log for uTracker

a device you can use like tracker or node of CAT-M1/NB1/GSM

Raúl LunaRaúl Luna 06/25/2019 at 01:070 Comments

after a few fixes due to my stupidity the uTracker is totally alive!.

The first time, I could not make the usb work, the computer says I have a problem with the device, after a deep visual check I realized that I put a resistor instead of a capacitor in the ftdi, so I changed it and now works normally.

Then... the Emulator don't recognized the target (MCU) I check again for some bad solder or something like that but i found nothing, I had to check the schematics and the pcb files and I found the problem...

this area in the inner layers suppose to be a 3V3 area but I changed the clearance between  the holes and the copper layer and I did not realize that it was separated from the main area so the via hole is making contact with nothing.

I fix this in the design but physically I had to solder a little wire between the pad and 3V3.