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A project log for 60MHz Bandwidth 250Msps Probe-Scope

The Probe-Scope is an open source 60MHz 250Msps oscilloscope probe with all guts built right in, that plugs directly into your PC via USB

James RowleyJames Rowley 08/20/2019 at 22:330 Comments

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we had hoped to post an update about the software by now. So where's it at? We haven't shared anything yet because we have a lot of moving pieces in this system (FPGA acquisition, FIFO, and sample output, PIC sample ingress, PIC USB comms and protocol, host comms and protocol, host GUI, and host measurement features), many of which are working quite well in and of themselves, but the product as a whole isn't quite ready to roll. We will be finishing it this week of course, and we're confident we will have something impressive to show off by Saturday.

We haven't been doing nothing, however: Aside from continually working on the software, we put together a demonstration unit and showed it off at the Microchip MASTERs conference about two weeks ago, along with a very early version of the software. Check it out:

And while it's not really relevant to what we're doing now, here's a neat short video I put together a while ago of us assembling the digital test board:

Finally, we just got word (and pictures!) from our PCBA vendor that our final boards have been assembled, so we'll get those in the next two or three days, just in time to show them off to you all in our final submission. Stay tuned!