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A project log for 60MHz Bandwidth 250Msps Probe-Scope

The Probe-Scope is an open source 60MHz 250Msps oscilloscope probe with all guts built right in, that plugs directly into your PC via USB

James RowleyJames Rowley 08/22/2019 at 03:580 Comments

We've squashed the bugs and straightened out the kinks... Here's the first screenshot of real data coming in from the ADC! We use pyqtgraph for the data rendering, which performs excellently and has all the plotting and UI features we want baked right in, so we've avoided sinking a ton of time into displaying the waveform. Tomorrow we will add the actual units to the GUI and support setting the parameters of the device, and on Friday we'll have the real boards in our hands.

(disclaimer: we're driving the ADC directly with a function generator here, just for simplicity's sake)

(also disclaimer: we're not using a teensy and I don't know why Windows thinks it is one, only on this computer does it say that...)