Nearly finished!

A project log for Bluetooth Boombox MkII

Design and build of a small, portable, Bluetooth-enabled boombox

robgRobG 08/22/2019 at 06:500 Comments

22/8: Just a few snags to sort on the enclosure, and some kind of grille to fit to the little magnets on the front, but we're nearly there...

24/8: ...but! I've just realised I made a mistake in the first op-amp gain stage (what was I smoking?). When I tried to make the gain variable so I could add a volume control, it didn't work as expected because I'd forgotten the op-amp is a summing and differencing stage. Need to find a way to make the gain variable with only a single-gang potentiometer...

30/8: Now with 'gold' cloth grille to keep small fingers out of the speaker cones. Held on with magnets so it's easy to remove.