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TeamSGTeamSG 03/21/2020 at 10:384 Comments

So I applied my dodgy CAD skills to the wheels situation.

I figure these flasherer wheels are Jordan 1's - the nice alloys you fit for a show-n-shine. The original Sawppy wheels will be the work boots - the steelies you bolt on for circle work / skids.


Ed wrote 07/14/2020 at 16:23 point

Wow!!! Very nice! Congrats for the idea.
Are you sharing the CAD source file? :)

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TeamSG wrote 07/18/2020 at 07:00 point

Hi, Ed

If you search "Sawppy Hacked" and "Sawppy HexDrive" in OnShape you'll find my CAD files for everything I've changed from Roger's original version.

Note well that "hacked" is an apt description for a lot of my work. I have more ambition than I have time to learn to do it properly. Broadly, I have a tendency to jump in the deep end of things and fault-find my way out - which usually gets a result but leaves a bit of a mess behind.

Regarding the fancy rims - they were done in a rush for various reasons, so zero prototypes / refinement. You'll definitely have to use support for 3D printing both elements, which is annoying / wasteful and both parts need plenty of fettling.

The "rims" part needs a bit of sand / emery paper on the outer edge to make them fit (I got he tolerance wrong). And there's an error in the rim centre section too - the recess for the shaft hub is too shallow. The rim still fits and is functional, but it's not as I'd like it o be. That error means the whole thing should be redrawn because fixing it screws up the whole geometry.

I was going to go back and fix all that up at some stage. I've been distracted by fitting a camera to it most recently.


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Ed wrote 07/20/2020 at 22:39 point


Thanks for the reply and the detailed answer @TeamSG!

I understand what you mean. Same here. hehe But the the wheels look great.  I will search for it in OnShape.

I am currently stuck in the assembly of the bearings and shafts because I am waiting for the bearings(should have looked for a shop around here, but I've bought them online ). 
I am also waiting for more filament to print the remaining parts. Besides that I still need to buy the servos.  But I can't wait to have it fully assembled. 

Thanks again 🙏 

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Ameer wrote 05/14/2020 at 08:07 point

Awesome! If they ever get to become useful on the Sawppy please let us know so we can switch the design to there authentic ones

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