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The Redphone project is an open source mobile phone

Vasilii ChumakovVasilii Chumakov 07/15/2019 at 20:161 Comment

I promised, but I write late. Sorry guys.

Project log:

3. dynamic memory allocator in SDRAM (for heap) - done

4. supporting FAT32 - done

5.1. fs utils: cat - done

And... Try to work with LTDC, but need to read the documentation before PCB tracing))

RM68120 works with 4 modes:

Mode configurating by h/w jumers IM0/IM1.

After some h/w upgrades:

LCD runned, but:no red color in picture! because DPI mode needs gaps in connection on color bus)
I am planning to use FPGA to fix it issue, but maybe some later (need to done FPGA NAND flasher at first).
And the worst - the frame rate is low (but maybe using of FPGA will fix it same)
At the end, latest console scr =)
Config of LTDC done.

Next step - trying to use FPGA to fix color issue. Coming soon =)


colton.baldridge wrote 07/16/2019 at 12:52 point

Looks great!

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