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Vasilii ChumakovVasilii Chumakov 08/02/2019 at 15:420 Comments

Last night i was done NAND ctrl util.

In Quartus 18.0 i generated empty project with simple top level:

After synthesis a was made a RPD file (raw data program)

(btw, u can do this in console)



${Q} -d EPCS16 -c ${IN}.sof ${OUT}.pof
${Q} -d EPCS16 -s EP4CE22 -c ${OUT}.pof -c ${OUT}.rpd 

...and writed it in boot NAND.

After synthesis and writed NAND nothing happens... Only square wave on nSTATUS pin. Altera in manuals says what FPGA can restart configuration sequence if something error happense.
I'm cheked all connection, pcb and schematic and after that decided reflow original EPCS16 on my W25Q64 SPI NAND flash.

After programming situation retried.
Then i'm connect USB-blaster and write firmware in boot NAND from Quartus.

And FPGA booting done (test signal was ok and nCONFIG_DONE was pulled up)! I'm reading NAND and... all bytes was mirrored! FAIL)

I'm added byte mirroring in code and now all works well.

And by the end, console screenshot:
Now i want to fix colors of LCD and start the implementation of the booting linux!