TMS9995 CPU Module for RC2014

A TI TMS9995 CPU module with a TMS9902 serial port for the RC2014 system based on Stuart Conner's breadboard design

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I found some TMS CPUs and IO chips in a stash that I'd salvaged from some scrap PLCs in the late 80s and thought I'd try to build a system from them. Having recently put together an RC2014 CP/M setup I hoped to reuse some modules from that; and I found a design and firmware from Stuart Conner. So this project became about putting a version of Stuart's breadboard system onto an RC2014 prototype module in a way that made best reuse of existing RAM and ROM modules. The finished system is capable of running Cortex BASIC and Forth (jumper switchable) and is accessible via a Raspberry Pi serial terminal server.

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zpekic wrote 05/09/2021 at 20:30 point

TMS9995 is a super cool but very neglected CPU. I put together this board and run it sometimes:

The Cortex Basic is powerful but all graphics have been disabled. I know there are TMS9918 based RC2014 boards, it would be fun to combine this board with those and have graphics working... Ah, too many projects too little time :-(

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