Product Specifications


Type: Ambient Light Sensor
Architecture: For Arduino
Communication Interface: Analog Voltage
Wavelength: 570nm
Detection Angle: +/-60°
Illumination Range: 1 - 1000 lux
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C
Maximum Sensitivity: 570nm
Output Signal: Analog


Operating Voltage: +3.3 - +5 volts
Output Current: 20mA
Collector - Emitter voltage: +1.5/+6 volts

Weight and Size Dimensions

Product Weight: 1g
Product Size (L x W x H): 20 x 8 x 7 mm


5v - VCC (+)
OUT - Signal
GND - GND (-)

Product Review

This product is easily one of my favourites to add to a project due to these reasons:
1. It's small and compact, so it can fit into small enclosures.
2. It's really accurate and can be used for a variety of projects like backlights in mobile phones.
3. It has pre-soldered pins, for convenience.
4. The software interface of this product is simple, therefore, the code used is very basic.
5. The hardware is simple, making it not so complex since it only has three pins (Signal, VCC & GND).

Arduino TEMT6000 Ambient Light Sensor Sample Code

int temt6000Pin = 0;
void setup() {
void loop() {
  int value = analogRead(temt6000Pin);

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