Raspberry Pi PhotoBooth w/ HTML5 & NodeJS

An HTML5 and NodeJS photobooth with live preview and custom borders.

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This project started as something I built for my daughter's school dance. I wanted something fun for her and her friends to remember the event (which was the last time they would all be together at their school). It turned into a shameless promotion for the company I work at (where I was hoping that visiting clients would use the photobooth to document their visit to our office).

Instructions for quick install are available via the GitHub 'Code Repository' link and more information is available via the GitHub 'Wiki' link.

This assumes you have a Raspberry Pi dedicated to this project. Once the WiFi AP is configured, the Pi will no longer have internet access unless plugged in via Ethernet.

Note: that you must have a display of some sort connected to the Pi. And it must be set to boot into the GUI not headless.

After setting up your Pi (with or without a touchscreen) and plugging in the webcam via USB. Just follow the instructions.

More info can be found on the HTML5 & NodeJS PhotoBooth Wiki

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × USB Webcam Not an official Rpi cam.
  • 1 × Touchscreen optional, any display will do to get it up and running

  • 1

    Download the HTML5 & NodeJS PhotoBooth project into a directory of your choosing.

  • 2

    Unzip (if downloaded as zip) and navigate to the project directory via the command line: `cd project`

  • 3
    Elevate your Permissions

    Become root: `sudo bash`

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