IRIS2 Internet Radio

IRIS2 is a followup of IRIS project. It's a complete project of Raspberry Pi based Internet Radio with own 2+1 AMP HAT and spectrum analyzer

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Video demo:

IRIS2 is a Raspberry Pi based internet radio.
Features include: 
- Streaming MP3/FLAC/AAC audio streams, displaying stream metadata 
- Acting as a bluetooth speaker 
- Alarm clock 
- Text to speech: telling time, reading RSS streams 
- Audio spectrum analyzer 
- Display weather forecast from Open Weather Map

- Device features dedicated 2+1 DAC+AMP HAT based on Ti TAS5721 D-class amp with DAC.
- Other dedicated PCB modules are: RTC+NVRAM module, keypad, encoder assembly module 
- Two displays: 2x16 character OLED for interaction, and 32x64 color dot matrix module 
- Device is controlled by dedicated c application running on Raspbian 
- Streaming and FFT routines are provided by BASS audio library 
- 32x64 matrix is driven by FPGA Alter

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