Just one year after getting the PCBs...

A project log for MiCE47

The MiCE47 is a small Cortex-M7 + iCE40 development board with an i.MXRT1021 ┬ÁC and an iCE40HX8K FPGA.

KnusperkeksKnusperkeks 03/29/2020 at 19:500 Comments

... I finally managed to publish the design files of this project. Sorry for the enormous delay!

Why did all this took so long? – I originally had the plan to build the board, verify most of the functionality and then hit publish. Going down the rabbit whole of FPGA design, it took me much longer to get the correctly SRAM running (first it didn't work at all, later it didn't pass a random read/write test). Silly me messed up with the pin definition in Migen (it is very beneficial to assign all address lines to an IO pin!!!), which caused some serious lack of motivation. Now, before trying to publish the next/my current project, I want to make some progress here.

What is (not) published?

What is (not) coming aka the future roadmap?

This board was intended to learn some FPGA basics, BGA soldering and enhance my layout skills. So far I accomplished all three. I'd like to play a bit more with the i.MXRT1021 running tinyusb as well as nMigen on the iCE40, so new "softwork" can be expected for this board.
The hardware will not get any further revision. Most things are running and we have more powerful alternatives like the Pergola.

Special thanks to all people working on the open FPGA toolchain and Migen/nMigen!
Also thanks to Greg Davill for writing down his journey designing the Boson Frame Grabber and his beautiful electronics pictures! Your project motivated me to try soldering BGAs by hand :)

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