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ARM seems interesting. Documenting notes while I learn it.

Ian Shannon WeberIan Shannon Weber 06/18/2019 at 01:030 Comments

I am currently on my second day of wrestling with MCUXpresso on Linux. I initially had issues with getting the IDE installed. I had to run the binary with the sh command, which was not mentioned in their documentation. I filed a complaint, but I feel like a jerk for doing so. The response was basically "Alright, noted" from the tech support team and I felt dumb afterwards. After following the steps laid out in user manual, I had to use this command sudo sh mcuxpressoide-10.3.1_2233.x86_64.deb.bin instead of sudo mcuxpressoide-10.3.1_2233.x86_64.deb.bin listed in the manual.

My second hurdle has been trying to run some example code I got from NXP, the providers of MCUXpresso. Every time I tried to build the blinky, the I was not working. Now that I am working in the evening instead of midnight Sunday, I was able to do some reading and found out that I needed the SDK as well as the IDE.

I feel really green with this project. But to paraphrase a cartoon, the first step after being sucky at something is being kinda good at something. Later this week I will tackle the blinky again and report back to this BLOG with my, hopeful, success.