MCUXpresso Part 2

A project log for ARM Dev Kit Project

ARM seems interesting. Documenting notes while I learn it.

Ian WeberIan Weber 06/25/2019 at 01:320 Comments

Today was my second whack at getting my LPC804 dev kit working. I learned a very important lesson on my steps to my first blink with this board. I got hit with the good ol' RTFM. That being said, the NXP manuals are obtuse compared to what I am used to, and having to shuffle through User Manual, datasheet, installation guide, how to articles and tutorials are starting to wear on me. I am certain that my current headaches are just growing pains and that I can use this microcontroller at the heart of something really awesome.

My source to my RTFM that is now bookmarked until I get my own framework up and ready for this chip.

Results of my second day working with this dev kit:

Next milestone comprises the following goals:

  1. I drive multiple LEDs
  2. Interface with the capacitive touch shield/broach/cape/hat that the dev kit shipped with as my user input
    1. This capacitive touch feature was what attracted me to this processor initially