Cap Touch Demo Works

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ARM seems interesting. Documenting notes while I learn it.

Ian WeberIan Weber 06/26/2019 at 00:320 Comments

I played around with the Capacitive Touch Shield that was provided with the dev kit. I have decided that I like the feature and I wanted to do more with the project using that feature. That project will be announced at a later date, once I have some more experience writing my own framework with the LPC804 and get away from running demos.

There is a way to wake up the LPC804 with inputs from the Capacitive Touch so I am going to try that in the portion of the project. Proof of concept will be flash an LED and after some time fall asleep. Once asleep, if I use the cap inputs it should wake up and keep flashing the LED.

If anyone has good sources for Capacitive PCB design tools, DM me. I will post what I find in the next project update.