Just another ESP8266 WiFi board? Let's see:

- LOW POWER!  That's the special sauce right there.  When idle, it pulls less than 1uA... your smoke detector probably uses more power than this.  But here's the best part, it wakes up via a dry contact type switch, connects to the WiFi network and sends you a push notification.  But what if the switch is left open? if you're savvy with circuit design, you might be thinking thinking about pull-up/down resistor leakage.  Well, the special pulse circuit on trigBoard does not use any resistors on the front-end, so it sleeps at the same <1uA current in either condition.  Really cool!

- Monitors every door in my house (garage too) with simple magnetic door sensors. I get an immediate notification on my phone using "Push Safer" when any of these doors opens.  

- Easy and small enough to mount in the mail box, which is surprisingly useful to know when the mail is delivered.  I even have one monitoring the door bell.

- And since it has an on-board 1hr timer, I actually use the board as a "throwie" for many projects.  Basically, just use it to collect sensor data once an hour and report to the cloud, or even take a picture and upload it somewhere.  The possibilities are endless, especially since you can run everything from a battery.  

- What if you left a door or lock open?  Get a notification!  Check out this Easy Modification

- E Paper Displays are a perfect fit for the trigBoard - a near 0 current draw display

Motion Sensors

Force Sensor

Water/Flood Leak Detection

Cellular Gateway with Battery Backup

What's new for V7.0?  The biggest feature is auto-reset!! now developing on the trigBoard is a piece of cake, meaning no more messing with the GPIO0 and RESET buttons to get it into programming mode.  Now, you just need to wake the board up and press upload from the Arduino IDE, and you're good to go.  It really is an awesome feature.  

See THE WIKI for full documentation