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Sinclair GurnySinclair Gurny 06/24/2019 at 03:490 Comments

At this point I had no idea how to perform the other operations that the original control program could do, such as control the orientation of the pant tilt camera, change driving speed, etc.

I decided to use a packet sniffer, Wireshark, and the original control program to see what the contents of other commands were.

All of my known commands at this point:

CommandByte String
StopFF 00 00 00 FF
ForwardFF 00 01 00 FFDrives forward until told to stop, or do another driving command.
BackFF 00 02 00 FF
RightFF 00 03 00 FFThe website said that 03 was left, but it wasn't.
LeftFF 00 04 00 FF
Servo ControlFF 01 VV AA FFVV is the servo number (07, 08), AA is the angle
Motor SpeedFF 02 MM SS FFMM is the motor number (01, 02), SS is the speed (00-100 in decimal)
LED ControlFF 04 00/01 00 FF00 - turns on, 01 - turns off
HeartbeatFF EF EF EE FFSent approximately every 10s

There are still some gaps missing, such as how to read from the sensors: Line followers and Ultrasonic distance.