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A project log for Remora

Remora is a simple pseudo animation language that receives UDP short commands to launch LED Animations

Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 12/16/2019 at 10:530 Comments

From start of december 2019, Remora has joined our udpx family of UDP Firmware. So it's possible also to stream Video to your Remora Led stripe or Led Matrix up to 484 pixels.

This number comes out of the maximum transport unit (MTU) of the ESP32 that is around 1470 bytes. That's how much can get as a packet in the ESP32 and if you are not buffering it, and waiting for a second packet before rendering, you need to deal with that limit. We are not doing buffering since most of the people using this has not such a large stripes and we are overcoming this limit with another Firmware that is called udpx that supports zlib and brotli as decompression methods.

Remora does not support compression at the moment so 484 RGB * 3 is 1452 bytes is very close to the MTU limit. If you want to check how is the binary protocol pixels please browse the documentation here:

To stream video easily from an Android app, just search for udpx in google Play, or schedule the install here:

Thanks for giving it a try!