Nokia LCD Version

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agpcooperagp.cooper 10/25/2016 at 12:310 Comments

Nokia LCD Version

I downloaded the Adafruit Nokia LCD Libraries.

At 5v the LCD contrast was uncontrollable.

Assuming the LCD would be 5v tolerant (really I should have put serial 10k resistors in the data lines) I just powered it with the 3v3 Arduino supply.

It worked fine.

If I wire the CE or CS line low then I only need 4 outputs from the Arduino but I have not told the library as of yet (i.e. have not worked out how to do it).

Mostly a search and replace of "uView" for "display" but there were differences.

As the Nokia display is an extra 20 pixels wide I increased the data area width from 41 pixels to 61 pixels.

Here is the Nokia working with the 0-3v 1 kHz square wave signal:

The frequency does seem to be a little off (~5%)? Fixed it by timing every sample run:

Speed Test

For the above test:

At 760 ms this is about as a much as this algorithm can do!

If I want more I will have to migrate to DFT.