This FM Transmitter Circuit is yet another circuit which I have manufactured and prototyped with PCBGOGO. I used EasyEDA to design this PCB board from the circuit's schematics but selected most of the PCB customisation settings through PCBGOGO's online website page. The five boards I ordered came quickly with DHL Express shipping and I got to the soldering part as soon as I could. Regarding the visual designs for the PCB itself, I specifically chose a blue solder mask with a white silkscreen and HASL Lead Free surface finish. Check out my video which I have done below to view the process of making this custom PCB from start to finish. Explanations of how the circuit works and applications for this circuit is featured in the video, as well as the whole soldering process.

This PCB circuit can also be upgraded to an ever higher level with a FM receiver being integrated into this project or a LCD screen being mounted for a greater visual display. However, it is now up to you to come up with some other creative design to expand on a design already done!

Enjoy! Contact us for any inquiries!