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A project log for Barnabas Robotics ArduBlock Upgrade

An upgrade for ArduBlock

cecmaria23cecmaria23 08/02/2019 at 02:060 Comments

Today I fixed the bash file I started last session. I needed to create a change of directory to the current directory using the cd below.

After fixing that, I uploaded the .jar, bash, and NewPing library to a bin folder in our GitHub. Then, I used git commands to change the folders of the NewPing branch: 

git clone
cd BarnabasRoboticsArdublock-2019
git checkout NewPing
mkdir src
git mv  src/
git add --all
git commit -am "NewPing changes"
git push origin NewPing

And again used git commands to merge the NewPing branch to the master:

git checkout master
git merge NewPing
git add --all
git commit -am "Merging NewPing to master branch"
git push origin master

Next, Ed asked me to create a Continuous Servo Block that rotates continuously clockwise (angle=180), counterclockwise (angle=0), or stays stopped (angle=90). I've started changing the ardublock.xml,, and files, as well as creating the new java file. 

I think I will need to create new STOP, CLOCKWISE, and COUNTERCLOCKWISE blocks, create a family for those options, and continue to change the java file to finalize all blocks.