8 - 45V Input 4.2V Regulated Output with LiPo Charger and PowerPath Management.

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This is a small board (2 x 3 cm) capable of 8 - 45 V input. It gives output of 4.2V.
PowerPath Management with automatic switching between input and battery.
LiPo charger.
Wide input voltage.
High efficiency.
This is the first revision, looking for suggestions and feedback.
Hardware Used:
MP2617 - MPS (Monolithic Power Systems)
This project can be useful in automotive applications where a device has to run of a single LiPo and/or vehicle battery. ESP32 projects with GPS or GSM modules are a good fit.
It can handle 12V or 24V battery input which is the most common battery configurations, can even handle 36V in most circumstances.
12V Battery - Charging Voltage 14.4V
24V Battery - Charging Voltage 28.8V
36V Battery - Charging Voltage 43.2V
Most GSM modules run on 4.2V and this project aims to handle that. ESP32 with a good LDO like HT7830 or HT7833 can handle ESP voltage and current requirements running at 3.0 or 3.3 V respectively.

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