The circuit is still being installed for the pickup and the last final pickup. The electronics of the pickup's were produced in collaboration with Thomas Perizonius. The basis for this is the feasibility study by graduate engineer of elektronic, Ulf Schaedla. After many attempts with different pickup versions, a final pickup with 3000 windings was produced. Thomas Perizonius wrapped the pickups and made the electronic circuits. The final pickup now has 3000 windings and transmits far into the upper frequencies the sound. The associated circuit provides the requirement for this.

Important detail: this instrument has only 1 string.

Some details in keywords: special timing belt, all objects for motor mounts developed in 3D program and realized with 3D printing, motors drive on IGUS rails with igus carriages, special frame with anti-slip for high speeds of the motors, 48V for up to 4.2A current for the motor drivers. 

I developed this instrument for my work as a composer,

Special thanks to my friends from Hackerspace in Frankfurt, Germany, who supported me with advice.