Model A – Production Ready!

A project log for Global radiation monitoring network

The uRADMonitor is a plug-and-play, low power, self contained radiation monitoring device, connected to a centralised server component.

Radu MotisanRadu Motisan 09/01/2014 at 20:461 Comment


The uRADMonitor Project is a network of radiation detectors covering locations all over the Globe. The Model A is the first designed, it is an automated GM detector in a rugged aluminium housing which responds predominantly although not exclusively to gamma radiation. Count rate data is recorded and transmitted continuously via built in Ethernet adapter to the central server of the uRADMonitor network. Real time measurements from each of the units in the network are available on
Following months of improvements, tests and verifications, both in hardware and software, the final model A design has been put into production and first batch of test units is now available. These will be used to expand the network even further. The quality of these units is impressive: small in size and optimised for low power consumption, they are ready to keep an eye on the radiation levels as independent radiation monitors.
uradmonitor_model_A_4 uradmonitor_model_A_3
This first civilian open network of distributed detectors takes advantage of geographic dispersion, similar design with reasonable calibration, constant autonomous monitoring, all at the cost of very low power consumption.

Getting a unit
To get a device and join the network, see “Join the network”.  There is also one unit listed on Ebay:


Th3BadWolf wrote 09/12/2014 at 03:41 point
2 things I'd change about your awesome project:

1-Since you got a pretty decent setup already built, why not improve on it before rolling it out to the masses and add a lighting detection sensor to join that awesome network too? Why not a temp, magnetic or other kind of sensor and turn this uRadMonitor into a global multi variable monitor?

2-The central server,it should go. I'd opt for a decentralized P2P between all the monitors and an app that connect to that network to pull the data out. This way you'd get massive redundancy (assuming a radiation monitor is useful when SHTF, redundancy is a must!)

I think that by incorporating those 2 ideas your device would go from an awesome DIY gadget/network to a real life saving "net" that could be cheap and efficient for everyone!

That being said, keep up the good work!


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