Bridging the Interface Hole

A project log for DoMSnif - Dot Matrix LCD Sniffer Bluetooth Adapter

Output dot matrix LCD data from different devices to your phone or laptop.

BleckyBlecky 06/24/2019 at 13:450 Comments

If you can hear audio, then it can be recorded by another analog source, rendering DRM ineffective.

The same can be said about any device. If you can see the data you want, then you can record it. Well fortunately we don't have to go quite Neanderthal on such devices with a camera setup. Instead, we can sniff the display data directly.

Adding an additional 20 pin header to the ribbon cable of the LCD connection (or creating a pass through board), gives us direct access to the digital data being sent to the LCD display. While there was no markings on the LCD board to determine its interface, by looking at the signalling it was found to be a KS0107/8 based device used in most hardware devices.

So what do you do with this data?