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A project log for DoMSnif - Dot Matrix LCD Sniffer Bluetooth Adapter

Output dot matrix LCD data from a device to your phone or laptop.

BleckyBlecky 06/24/2019 at 13:590 Comments

There's very few visualisation tools out there to translate the binary KS0108 LCD data to an actual visual output and none offered the ability to import or display a dataset from any source. So I guess we have to make one.

Fortunately the KS0108 has a pretty simple layout:

A KS0108 based 128x64 pixel LCD module consists of two controllers, each with 8 pages and each page consisting of 64 column bytes. So we can structure the code very similarly:

Combine this with a little GUI magic and we get a nice little tool to import data from a CSV file and output it to a window in realtime:

Now, we have the base code for decoding the KS0107/8 module, we can now start porting it to an NRF52 board.