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    thelogicofpi06/24/2019 at 22:03 0 comments

    What is it?

    It is a Shitty Add-on (SAO) holder as well as blinking and flashing in different modes. It uses an Attiny85, controlling over i2c 2 x MCP23017 which then drives the leds, it is all powered off of two AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) with a 3.3v power regulator. The code is using the watchdog timer with different periods to setup different blink mode timing. In the code linked via GitHub, there are the examples with how it is done as well as how long each period is (if you are going to reprogram yourself this will be useful) keep in mind the longer the lights are on for each mode the shorter the batteries will last. so blinking is the longest lasting as well as only having a couple on at a time.

    Since these are controlled by 2x mcp23017, there are essentially 2 x 16 LED outputs, in the form of 4 bytes, there are many ways to set a pattern.

    Cycling the power switch toggles "select" mode to "display" mode.

    • in select mode it will cycle through the options of different bling modes for the ship
    • in display mode it will continually repeat whatever the last pattern displayed in select mode.


    • ALL THE MODES (looping)
    • ALL - ON
    • ALL - Flashing
    • Alternating even/odd - (flashing)
    • Alternating even/odd - (on-off)
    • Binary Counter
    • Grey Code Counter
    • Knight Rider Scanner (only middle row)
    • Looping Around Roof
    • Random Flashing
    • right shift in 1 until all on, then left shift in 0 until all off

    Why did you make it?

    For displaying SAO on your desk or on a shelf. current version does not have any way to wear.

    What makes it special?

    Good News Everyone, it powers up to 4x SAO v1.69bis (although none of the GPIO's are connected, there are ways to wire them up...)

    What is included?

    • 1 Planet Express SAOship
    • 1 ATtiny85
    • 2 MCP23017
    • 32 LEDs (red, orange, yellow, green)
    • 32 0805 SMD Resistors (10k ohm pullups for i2c and 431 ohm LED current limiting)
    • 2 0805 SMD Capacitors (47uF & 100nf)
    • 1 Power Switch
    • 1 AMS1117-3.3v
    • 1 2xAAA Battery Holder (batteries NOT included)