16 Bit +1 Increment implementation. + HDL

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Michael WalkerMichael Walker 06/26/2019 at 00:130 Comments
 * 16-bit incrementer:
 * out = in + 1 (arithmetic addition)

CHIP Inc16 {
    IN in[16];
    OUT out[16];

    HalfAdder(a=in[0],  b=true, sum=out[0],  carry=c0);
    HalfAdder(a=in[1],  b=c0,   sum=out[1],  carry=c1);
    HalfAdder(a=in[2],  b=c1,   sum=out[2],  carry=c2);
    HalfAdder(a=in[3],  b=c2,   sum=out[3],  carry=c3);
    HalfAdder(a=in[4],  b=c3,   sum=out[4],  carry=c4);
    HalfAdder(a=in[5],  b=c4,   sum=out[5],  carry=c5);
    HalfAdder(a=in[6],  b=c5,   sum=out[6],  carry=c6);
    HalfAdder(a=in[7],  b=c6,   sum=out[7],  carry=c7);
    HalfAdder(a=in[8],  b=c7,   sum=out[8],  carry=c8);
    HalfAdder(a=in[9],  b=c8,   sum=out[9],  carry=c9);
    HalfAdder(a=in[10], b=c9,   sum=out[10], carry=c10);
    HalfAdder(a=in[11], b=c10,  sum=out[11], carry=c11);
    HalfAdder(a=in[12], b=c11,  sum=out[12], carry=c12);
    HalfAdder(a=in[13], b=c12,  sum=out[13], carry=c13);
    HalfAdder(a=in[14], b=c13,  sum=out[14], carry=c14);
    HalfAdder(a=in[15], b=c14,  sum=out[15], carry=false);