DIY Copy Stand

For Negative Scanning

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A simple project to convert a darkroom enlarger to a copy stand for scanning negatives with a DSLR.

All thats really required for this project is to mount a camera tripod head or bellows to the enlarger arm.  For me, this ended up being drilling a single hole and some disassembly.

  • 1 × Darkroom Enlarger
  • 1 × Bellows Adapter or Tripod Head

  • Disassembly/Re-Assembly

    Matt Barr06/28/2019 at 21:19 0 comments

    Darkroom enlargers are basically a glorified copy stand with a light attached.  I had a spare enlarger that happened to be brand new and un-used that I used for this project.  If you are trying to source one, check craigslist.  People are giving them away for free just to get rid of them.  It does not need to work, pretty much any one will do.  

    I hauled mine up from the basement and disassembled it down to a frame and bracket. with a screwdriver.  Then drilled a single hole with a step-bit until I had it big enough for a 3/8 threaded camera adapter that converts a standard 1/4 tripod socket to a 3/8 socket commonly found on larger cameras.

    The final step was to attach a bellows adapter that I purchased from B&H Photo.  This adapter will essentially make any lens a macro or micro lens.  If you have a macro lens already, there is no need for this.  A standard tripod head will do.  

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