Motivation for this project

A project log for Jebel: Off Grid Communications

Jebel is a LoRa based text communication system for humanitarian and disaster relief situations.

chris-lowChris Low 06/29/2019 at 22:080 Comments

My motivation for the project is mostly a practical need. I am working with a  hospital in a very remote part of Africa which has no functioning communication system. My main goal is to create a a system to communicate from the main referral hospital to the remote clinics so that we can create a dispatch system for the motorcycle ambulances we are building. The area is very mountainous, so the strategy is to build repeaters on top of the mountains to get a wide area of coverage. The goal would be to have fixed communication terminals at the hospital and the clinics, and mobile nodes on the ambulance units which could be tracked via GPS, and sent SMS messages to dispatch them to where they were needed.

Prototype motorcycle ambulance