SZY Electronics PCB Coasters

Creating a PCB coaster with my logo!

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I've been using my reject PCBs as coasters... so why not make a custom one!

I'm creating coasters with my logo on them!

The text is silkscreen and there are, of course, pads on the outside. Then I'll get gold-plated boards that will hopefully look really cool!

  • Soldermask "Keepout"

    skelly06/30/2019 at 14:18 0 comments

    So I had no idea how to tell KiCAD where to keep soldermask off so I could have all the traces exposed.

    When I realized, duh, you just draw on the soldermask layer. Since the boards are already 100% covered in mask, obviously when you draw on the soldermask layer it'll remove soldermask where you draw.

    So now the board has exposed traces as artwork!

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