A turntable wich you can fully 3D-print, no extra parts needed!

It can be used to make beautiful cinematic shots of objects but it can also be used as a rig to make photos for photogrammetry software so you can 3D-scan objects.

The large black 'slide bearing' is printed in one peace and is free to move the moment it comes from the printbed. The print in place of moving objects adds to the simplicity of the build. The turntable is designed to be snap fitted without the need for glue, but depending on your printer, some glue might be a good idea to keep parts at their place.

The handle attaches to the main drive shaft with an M10 tread wich is directly printed onto it. For me this worked great but I can imagine this could be a problem for some printers so I might have to find a sollution for this.

Once the turntable is fully assembled, it might be hard to rotate it. I used some fine machine oil to lubricate all the parts and just turned it a lot so some wear and tear could accur wich helps with the smoothness. Once lubricated it turns very smooth. (of course not as smooth as if you were to use a bearing but pretty smooth for something wich is completely 3D-printed).

All parts need to be very clean, no brims, rafts or supports can be attached or the thing will jam.

I added a white platform template to the files (pdf) wich can be printed and cut out with cissors. the diameter of the circle is 10 mm wider than the platform.

All the stl-files can be found on thingiverse.
link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3723618

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link to the video: