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A folding electric scooter that takes up only half the space in your backpack

Mike ThielvoldtMike Thielvoldt 07/19/2019 at 12:504 Comments

I could not wait any longer for a ride, so I chopped the steering off of a Razor scooter and welded it to my neck assembly.  The resulting frankenscooter feels very undersized, but it does go! 

The new to-do items are as follows:

Increase available thrust

On a steep hill, the scooter does not quite perform as well as I would hope.  I did not find a hill that stopped it, but on a ramp to a train platform, I experienced the scooter just barely maintaining speed at the rated motor current of 35A.  I know the motor can handle 65A for short durations without de-magnetizing, but I'd prefer 50% more headroom. 

Configure ESC for smoother control of braking and acceleration

The available torque, despite being inadequate for steep hills, can still produce a scary amount of acceleration given the present wheelbase.  Wheelies are easy to produce.  Ultimately, a slower turn-on of the current and a mapping to decrease sensitivity at the low end of the control would be easy improvements. 

Either decrease the top speed target, or increase wheel diameter and wheelbase

I have only run with 6S (6 3.7V Li-Ion cells in series) configuration so far, which is half the voltage I was originally planning on.  This produces roughly (not accounting for increased drag) half the speed on the flat as the planned 12S configuration would.  The max speed is presently 11mph. 

22mph would be too fast for this chassis, given how 11mph feels.   I can either make it safer at speed or design for a lower speed.  For now, I'm goitn to target 15mph, defer on increasing the size of wheels or the base and focus on maintaining 15mph on steep terrain. 

Prioritize mounting the electronics

It is very cramped inside the frames with the batteries.  I can't actually close the case as presently designed with both batteries and all the cables and connectors.  I hope I can get away with just shortening leads up and re-arranging. 

Here is what the front end adaptation looked like.   My finest for sure. 


de∫hipu wrote 07/19/2019 at 14:02 point

Speaking of Razor, I was recently looking at the scooters being sold here in Switzerland, and I came upon this one:

Maybe you could get some inspiration from it.

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Mike Thielvoldt wrote 07/19/2019 at 20:34 point

That does look pretty tiny!  I like the simple design also.  However, I am also certain after our tests this week that a 250W hub motor would not meet my benchmarks.  I'm also pretty focused on minimizing thickness in the folded state for packabillity, so my deck is taller than it is wide.  Still, I really wonder what happened to this model- seems like it is unavailable, but I like it much more than the models that are still available like the R80. 

Good find.  

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de∫hipu wrote 07/19/2019 at 20:51 point

I think it's new, and didn't actually get into the shops yet.

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de∫hipu wrote 07/19/2019 at 21:22 point

Actually, I just found this comment:

I can not find any information about R60 on the internet. Could you possibly make a review / comparison of R50 / R60 / R ...?
[Anonymous]about 1 year ago
1 answer

The R60 is no longer available because the manufacturer made a product recall with it. 

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