Machining of top plate

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Vacuum table for CNC machines made out of aluminium with some useful features

I'm a makerI'm a maker 07/21/2019 at 11:020 Comments

Before milling the top plate, I tested the 0.214mm drills on some aluminium parts and there has been no problem to drill about 3mm deep, i.e., 15xD. But when it comes to drilling in the actual top plate, I couldn't get it to work. More on that later in this log entry.

As shown in the video below, the first cuts on the aluminium for the top plate have been done. The outer contour, the 5mm holes and the counterbores have been milled and drilled successfully.

If you have any questions on the milling or drilling, just ask in the comments here or on Youtube.

Now, to the problem with the 0.214mm drills. Although drilling the small holes worked on a test part, I had huge problems to just drill one single hole in the actual top plate. There are several possibilities, why it didn't work.

What I can definitely exclude from the reasons of failure: