Machining the bottom plate

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Vacuum table for CNC machines made out of aluminium with some useful features

I'm a makerI'm a maker 08/09/2019 at 20:210 Comments

In this week, I have milled the bottom plate. It is the first part of manufacturing steps regarding the bottom plate. Have fun watching the video.

At the sides the holes with different threads are missing yet. One side should contain three holes with a 1/8" British Standard Whitworth thread for the pneumatic connectors. The other three sides should contain several holes with M5 threads to add end stops as shown in one picture in the project gallery.

In the next video of this series, the holes at the sides are drilled and the threads are cut. It is some manual labour. To get the holes perpendicular to the surfaces, a little helper is machined. More on that in the next days.