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Curriculum beyond worksheets

Andrew ThomasAndrew Thomas 07/03/2019 at 21:170 Comments

I have been struggling with Arduino uploading from Chromebooks in a school network. Technical issues elevate discouragement in the classroom so I am looking to improve the experience for students and instructors. The arduino web editor presented me with challenges that have encouraged me to look for other options and while I attempt to put resources into a common location I thought it might be beneficial to have them all work together. One piece at a time I am learning about many technologies that may or may not cohere. 

Currently chromeduino only works as a Chrome app on chromebooks but, late to the game, I have learned that support for this was deprecated / discontinued 2 years ago. You can look this up in a web search and most articles like this one on Ars Technica suggest that Progressive Web Apps are the future and since I am, like I said, late to the game, the future is already here. Sigh. 

As I am learning about podman, and containers in general, on my recent install of Fedora Silverblue I thought I would give caterpillar a try. Caterpillar is an "experimental project" [that] "investigates whether it is feasible to automatically port Chrome Apps to web sites".

I did not get very far and the project makes no promises. So... here I am pondering my next steps. 

My goal is to have "try it" break outs or on-page sections that allow students to not only follow along with curriculum but upload it to their device. This is exciting to me and might be a ridiculous way to solve a simple problem but that is the direction I am headed. Until then, I will eat the elephant one bite at a time learning about all the exciting tools in the open source universe.