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Ultra tiny (15.8mm x 14.8mm) smart USB RGB LED display/matrix

AlexAlex 07/10/2019 at 21:340 Comments

This small programming Jig was quite handy today

I marked the positions of the Test pins in new Layer in eagle. Than I exported this Layer and the Outline as dxf. With this dxf and some work in Fusion i ended up with this small jig. Due to it small size (~3x3cm) it also prints in ~1/2hr. After redrilling the holes the test pins can be pushed in the plastic.

Best part: it worked: And I now have the Trinket-M0-USB-Bootloader on the board. And now I can program it via USB! Pictures of working board will follow tomorrow. 

Here is a picture of the whole setup needed to burn the bootloader. Beside the JIG some power source and a Programmer. I used the Atmel ICE.