Wire Bender

Open-source wire bending CNC machine for wires at 1mm and less in diameter.

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I build sculptures out of brass wires and since I hate repeating creating same part over and over again I decided to build a wire bending CNC machine that would do the job for me. So far it is still an early prototype but looks promising! The goal is to build a machine that has most of the parts 3D printer or easy to get so everybody can build it at home.

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Tom Nardi wrote 07/04/2019 at 20:45 point

Fantastic design, I could watch this thing go all day.

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Jan wrote 07/05/2019 at 04:45 point

Then give the video Iinked below a try :) 

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Jan wrote 07/04/2019 at 08:31 point

Sweet. How's the rotation done around the wires' axis?

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Jiří Praus wrote 07/04/2019 at 18:34 point

Currently, it is an unwanted rotation caused by drive gears. However, I've added the straightening phase and it holds the wire at a still angle. But now the problem is the drive gear which has low adhesion so I am upgrading that one :)

When this 2D bender is done I want to experiment with second axis to create 3D bender.

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Jan wrote 07/04/2019 at 18:48 point

Nice, sounds like a good plan! See for your wire bending porn needs :D 

No, srsly watch that short film if you haven't yet. It's mesmerizing to say the least... 

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Tillo wrote 07/05/2019 at 12:06 point

@Jan that bending porn is perfect. They even colorgraded it to an amazing style. 

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