Badges in Vegas, Challenge on boards

A project log for A DC27 CircuitPython Shitty Add-On V1.69BIS Totem

Use CircuitPython to control up to 4 Shitty Add-Ons (SAO) with the V1.69BIS "standard" connectors

Corey BennCorey Benn 08/08/2019 at 04:490 Comments

DefCon is here! And so are most of the badges. Nothing like a little last minute hotel room soldering sessions to help justify the TS80 purchase and finish off some of the boards that didn't survive the journey. We're starting to hand these out at the conference. If you see anyone walking around with these before Friday night, ask how they got one. 

I'm also excited to see who solves the challenge first. We might post some hints later, but this is a great time to brush up on your CircuitPython basics. I'm pretty sure dis wont work correctly for CircuitPython code, but there's other ways around that issue :-)