Energy is one of the crucial resources for any business. Rising energy costs, increasing demand, volatile energy markets, and strict enforcement of government policies are some of the propelling factors that have led many organizations to find smart ways for monitoring, controlling, and saving energy. Monitoring energy usage across your whole organization is a daunting task and often ends up in silos of data. In today's connected world, the energy future will be inexorably linked to Internet of Things (IoT). The need of the hour is an intelligent Energy Management System (EnMS) that can contribute towards cutting the costs, improving efficiency, and meeting your energy demands.

IoT Energy Management Solution ( is the panacea for customer's woes and an enabler of digital transformation. Our solution can be utilized to better manage your energy consumption patterns in commercial and industrial sectors by taking complete control of your energy data at a fundamental and granular level.


"Energy savings are realized through enhanced visibility. Data visibility drives appropriate energy saving actions, thereby achieving organizational objectives." Our intelligent energy management system ( designed to optimize energy consumption thereby improving utilization, reducing costs, predicting maintenance needs, and increasing the reliability of energy assets. It meticulously acquires energy data which can enable enterprises to illustrate dynamic performance against defined targets to identify deviations. This in turn, will ensure well managed and controlled operation to deliver the most energy & emission efficient level of productivity.

Importance of Energy Measurement for Monitoring

Measurement can range from only utility meters for small organizations up to complete monitoring and measurement systems connected to a software application capable of consolidating data and delivering automatic analysis. It is up to the organization to determine the means and methods of measurement.

Measuring energy data is a key component for implementing an energy management plan. To be done effectively a manager needs to:

- Establish an energy data measurement system;

- Designate staff in charge of monitoring energy use;

- Ensure proper use of energy measuring instruments and ensure safety of meters; and

- Provide energy data in a complete and timely manner.

Designating staff members to implement energy measurement is important to creating an effective system. Preparing a document that details ways the company measures energy is essential.

Although measuring energy data only reflects "overall consumption" rather than energy efficiency, it is still fundamental to evaluating energy efficiency and energy-saving opportunities.

Companies should measure energy consumption by considering:

- Overall energy consumption.

- Energy consumption of power lines and departments

- Energy consumption of office and production equipment.

Implementation of Industrial Energy Monitoring

Energy efficiency monitoring and benchmarking are important for energy management, as they enable decision makers to identify improvement opportunities and to keep track of the effects of their decisions on energy use. Monitoring and analysis of the energy consumption of machines and support and manufacturing processes is the first step towards increasing energy efficiency. Insufficient monitoring may result in companies not being aware of their potential for profitable energy investments. Moreover, monitoring of energy consumption of the enterprise supports the judgment as to whether anticipated energy savings could be achieved or not.

Monitoring also helps to identify the most energy intensive processes. In this section all aspects of energy monitoring such as data collection, analysis, presentation and measures...

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