Summary of the project

A project log for Access system for 3D printers

Custom electronics for access management & communication with remote server.

Miroslav ZuzelkaMiroslav Zuzelka 07/24/2019 at 15:250 Comments

We started to develop this in March 2018 and finished it in May 2019, and I did most of the coding (with big help of my friend @Lubos Moravec) and all HW development. I did not work on this every day, as I´m not full time developer and it was big challenge for me as I had to learn basic coding on this project. There will be still some development, but core stuff is done and we will probably do just some code repairs and minor changes. 

This HW could be used, with some changes, on other printers and services. I looked at "stock" Marlin and  Repetier firmwares, and both have some functions to store similar values as we use to get out data from printer. These informations could be also just stored in some SQL database, from which any system can take needed information. 

For now, we can share hardware design, since we want to keep firmware side just for us, but maybe we can share firmware compiled binaries, as it this device can be setup like original HW from Fabman service.        

We have quite a few other cool integrations and you can look at those here.