Ottia M1 - The Smart Servo for All Your Projects

BIG industrial motion for the masses. Low cost. Dead simple to use. Power and precision in a small package.

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Often, the hardest and most time-consuming part of any robotic system is getting it to move the way you want. The Ottia M1 aims to change that.

Just like how you no longer have to worry about the intricacies of embedded hardware such as ports, registers, and timers to be able to put together an awesome project thanks to initiatives like Arduino and mbed. With the M1, you shouldn't have to worry about controls theory or motor circuitry to be able to make your dream project move.

So, here's the plan: the M1 will be a closed loop, high-precision, high power actuator that's as simple to use as any old hobby servo, but has:
- Compact, high-torque
- 1/1000 degree resolution

- Easy to control one motor or many
- Controllable from an embedded system or high-level language on a computer

- No mess of wiring, one cable for all the motors
- Suits wide range of projects. Has lots of mounting options.

- Drastically lower cost than anything similar
- Open-source des

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