Production Progress: 88% Yield

A project log for GAT Nametag DC27 Addon

An addon nametag badge

truetrue 07/29/2019 at 03:280 Comments

As of today, about a week and a half before DEF CON 27, the GAT Nametag project is effectively complete.

Today I've built and packaged 113 working nametags. Some failures should be easily reworkable and I will get these operational if I can find time. Between now and con I still have about 40 IoB badges and about 250 Space Force badges to assemble, as well as code. Nametags are now a low priority.

I've left 10 badges that still need button and OLEDs assembled. Some people like putting things together - these "80%" built units are for those people.

I was not able to get the game code done. I hope to have that done before Supercon in November. As this micro has a USB HID bootloader - which was tested on every badge - it shouldn't be difficult for others to load code.