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A project log for KELPIE: Subtractive Synth for Keyboard Controllers

A portable, cheap, and easy to use, monophonic + polyphonic digital synthesizer for use with a MIDI controller

kenneth-marutKenneth Marut 08/29/2019 at 15:240 Comments

Been working on a couple revisions to the PCB/Enclosure that I want to have done before making another prototype. I decided to go with all thru-hole components for the upper PCB, since this board will have to be hand assembled anyway, might as well stay consistent. Additionally, I swapped out the bulky 30-pin connector to a flex-cable connector to save space, and cost. I also notched out a section of the top board to make some clearance for the MIDI connector, this allows me to lose about 1/4" of thickness off the enclosure.