3 Complete Prototypes Assembled

A project log for KELPIE: Subtractive Synth for Keyboard Controllers

A portable, cheap, and easy to use, monophonic + polyphonic digital synthesizer for use with a MIDI controller

kenneth-marutKenneth Marut 09/17/2019 at 19:100 Comments

I just wrapped up assembling the third prototype. It was a great experience to build 3 completely separate units, I learned a good amount from each build, and made tweaks along the way. I uploaded my current firmware and so far everything seems to be working as expected.

Some of the major changes I included in the newer prototypes include:

Anyway, here are some photos below. You can see the difference between the original design and the updated one, I managed to lose about 0.5" of height, which is great. Next steps are to resolve some firmware bugs and then I plan to send them out to friends to get some feedback!