Here is the step description.

Step 1 :- Connect everything according to following schematic.

Step 2 :-Add NPN 2N2222 transistor to breadboard 

Step 3 :-Add a 250K resistor from the base of 2N2222 to the positive rail.

Step 4 :-Connect LDR (Light dependent resistor) from base of 2N2222 to negative rail.

Step 5 :-Add BC558 with its collector on Positive rail

Step 6 :-Connect base of BC558 to emitter of 2N2222

If you’re connecting an inductive load, like a relay or a motor, you must connect a diode in reverse bias configration to protect the transistor from back EMF but, if you are just using LED, diode isn’t needed.

Step 7 :-Connect the load

Step 8 :-Connect power 5V

Step 9 :-Add LED instead of relay.

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