3Dprinter firmware run on raspberryPi

PandaPi is a 3D printer firmware based on Marlin runs on raspberry Pi instead of runs on arduino MCU or other 32bit MCU.

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PandaPi is a 3D printer firmware based on Marlin,and runs on RPi(raspberry Pi)directly.and have a RAMPS equivalent board that mounts on the raspberry Pi.RPi to control 3D printer directly,except the temperature control which is just to maintain the temperature.

1)the GPIO being able to signal at 10+ Mhz for the 2B+ as compared to 8/32bit MCU limit of about 10Khz/200khz for steps.
Test results:
3.5Mhz GPIO test on RPi3+
750Khz run marlin on RPi3+
2)Real Time linux kernel
4)it can work with Octoprint in one raspberryPi.

thans for your like/following or buy board, I need your help so this project can go long way.

step rate results:
 3.5Mhz  GPIO test on Raspberry Pi3+  
 750Khz  run marlin on Raspberry Pi3+  

how do this assure the real time control?
1)We don't guarantee real-time control, we guarantee motor coordination. and the Pi is more
than fast enough that it is not a problem.
2)RT linux kernel


Panda Pi sheild circuit schematic

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