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DIY homebrew reflow solder oven for my hobby projects

Jay8eeJay8ee 07/11/2019 at 00:000 Comments

To hook the oven up quickly I used this majorly dangerous setup. Going forward I will come up with something much safer, but I don't think I have enough bits lying around right now to do anything else.

With it working I ran my test program that I wrote over the weekend, and the first results look pretty promising!

This is the reflow profile I was aiming for as a test:

And this is what I got:

Not bad! The oven doesn't seem to be able to cool down too rapidly, but I think that's probably the best problem to have with a project like this. I was worried that the oven wouldn't be able to ramp up quite as fast as it does.

I can solve the cooling problem with a little fan and opening the door a little.

I've bought a SMD training board which comes with an assortment of SMD packages to practice with, will post some photos of how that goes.