Not So Success??

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DIY homebrew reflow solder oven for my hobby projects

Jay8eeJay8ee 07/16/2019 at 08:100 Comments

To test the oven I bought a SMD practice board that came with all the required components. This would be a cheap, expendable board that I could test my reflow chops on.

I am glad I did this, because it was a complete disaster! All of the components popped off like popcorn somewhere during my pre-head/soak @ about 100c. Looking at the data, I get the feeling that temperature climb was way too steep, and 100c is suspiciously the boiling point of water, so paste could have been contaminated and the popping was gas violently escaping.

Another possible issue was my hand application of paste was quite heavy, as I do not have a stencil for these test boards.

Will buy some more boards and different paste to try.